"I read your note," Lisa said simply.

Yes, the note. The technique I used to show my true feelings to girls since I was seventeen. The first time it was bad poetry and came with a bouquet of roses, left on the girl's VW bug in the school parking lot. I was so lame, I couldn't even bring myself to put my name on it. I ended up signing it "A Secret Admirer" and probably made the chick think she had a stalker. Of course, nothing came of it.

The second time I tried, I did put my name to it. It was again bad poetry and came with a single rose instead of a bouquet. I left it infront of the girl in question's family's doorstep. I thought it was terribly romantic and it worked that one time, leading to about two months worth of makeout sessions before she saw I was really just a douche and broke up with me via email back when breaking up via email was a pretty cold blooded thing to do.

Lisa was the third time. This time it wasn't bad poetry and came with no flowers. I left it quickly on the windshield of her pickup in the parking garage at the Auraria campus. I had given up any notion that the note technique was anything other than pathetic by that point. I chose to do it that way anyway because I don't trust things to come out of my mouth the way I mean them. I prefer the written word, where such things can be contemplated, drafted, and edited.

Nothing followed her statement, so I blubbered out "So...what do you think?" (Situations like this is why I prefer to write things out).

"I've always thought of you as a friend."

And there...it was done. I nodded and said, "Okay." Then I think I gave a fake smile or something that was supposed to be a smile but likely came out more as a grimace.

"Okay," Lisa said, and that was the last that was ever spoken about the subject.

Snippet from a kuro5hin story